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Hazing Education Initiative

at Florida State University

Campus scenery

FSU Hazing Pledge

Pledge to Prevent Hazing Activities in Campus Life at Florida State University

All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to read, sign, and act upon this pledge.

At Florida State University, we believe students should not be demeaned or exposed to harm when pursuing involvement in campus life. Hazing activities create an unsafe campus experience and learning environment, do not support academic success, personal growth or engagement in campus life, and are not consistent with FSU's educational mission, Seminole Creed values, or expectations of the Student Conduct Code.

pledge to lead by example and prevent hazing before it occurs, intervene to stop hazing when I am aware it is happening to me or others, report hazing through when I know it has transpired, and support others in their efforts to do the same.

Report Hazing:
FSU Police: 850–644–1234
Online: Hazing Reporting System

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